Making Corporate Philanthropy a Reality

Nicki McKenzie - Monday, October 17, 2011

With a recent report from UWA showing that Western Australian businesses are well behind the rest of the country in terms of giving back, there has been a groundswell of activity to reverse this trend. Last week Governor Malcolm McCusker urged big business to use at least one percent of pre-tax profit for philanthropy, but when it comes to finding ways in which corporates can make a real difference, many organisations get lost in the fog.  [News Article Attached]

Giving money directly to charities and community groups can be noble, but often these gestures, although well meaning, can feel hollow and provide little satisfaction to corporate employees. It is no surprise then that corporate volunteering is in the spotlight, and with good reason: team days based on giving back not only strengthen a constructive corporate culture, they also help with employee retention, engagement and work performance, and better embed your organisation in the community. Despite this, for many organisations who want to do more than just give money, corporate philanthropy through volunteering can seem like an organisational nightmare.

Since its inception, Transforming Teams has been run as a social enterprise with a community focus. We offer not only our own services to the community, but design unique team development days that connect corporates with the community in meaningful ways. By allowing Transforming Teams to organise your corporate day of volunteering, you can focus on your business while we organise your day of giving, including transport, catering, equipment, specialist services, community relationships, and formal project approvals. We can identify community projects that fit with your philanthropic values or existing charity partners, and design an extraordinary day of giving for your staff.

Let us help you realise the benefits of corporate philanthropy without the headaches. Call us any time to discuss your ideas - big or small - so that together, we can make a difference. 

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"Transforming Teams led an amazing day that delivered on so many levels."
David Flanagan, Atlas Iron

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