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Our facilitators are experienced trainers and business professionals with backgrounds in areas such as business consulting, coaching, counseling, and postgraduate teaching. They have extensive industry experience and the skills required to create an engaging and non-threatening environment that enables people to improve awareness and develop themselves.

Transforming Teams has a strong team of facilitators enabling us to deliver seamless programs.  By employing professionals across various industries, we can hand pick the right facilitator and staff for your program, no matter what you desired learning outcome may be.

 Some of the people you may see around the Transforming Teams office often are:

Nicki McKenzie

Nicki is driven by her passion and desire to assist people to increase their self confidence and self esteem, to bring out their best which translates to a better achievement of goals, both on a professional and personal basis. She has a genuine empathy for others and enjoys all aspects of communication and problem solving with the working team and individuals.

Nicki has more than 15 years experience in training and development, people management and experiential training. She holds her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Life Coaching and her Diploma of Life Coaching. Since 2007 she has been studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which focuses on superior communication skills both for personal, professional and business development.

Nicki feels privileged in her coaching role with International scholars from the Asia Pacific region which is an Australian government leadership incentive.

Working with groups and individuals to focus on self awareness and awareness of others is her favourite area as she strongly believes that these areas need to be worked on for any change to be lasting. 'To provide a fun learning environment where people can truly grow is what it is all about, we are all unique and when we come to acknowledge and appreciate these differences we can get the most out of everyone.'

Nicki believes that everyone has positive intent and she is always exploring with this in mind. She is on a continuous journey of discovery and growth and loves Mahatma Gandhi’s quote 'Be the change you want to see in the world'. In her spare time you will find her at her favourite beach house spending quality time with family and friends.

Shannon Bush

With an extensive background in personal and professional development space, Shannon was inspired to teach individuals, businesses and teams how to liberate themselves from challenge and limitations both on a personal and professional basis to create increasing effortless success.

A certified NLP Practitioner, Life and Business Coach, Transpersonal Art Therapist and Click! Colours Facilitator with a Graduate Degree in Business specialising in small business management and creator of the Innate Potential Personal Leadership Model, Shannon offers a diverse background and professional training that will enhance the experience of any member of your team.  She has a great passion for all things creative and is our lead facilitator for our art based programs.

Shannon's skills as a coach and therapist translate well to the experiential training arena, and she is a gifted facilitator and trainer.

When she isn't delivering programs, Shannon works with entrepreneurs as a business and life coach, mentoring them in the areas of self-empowerment, mindset liberation, personal and business leadership, communication skills, strategic management, marketing, creativity and general business management. She currently works with clients across Australia, in the USA, the UK and Canada.

Di Palmer

Di holds a degree in Human Movement, and has studied industrial relations, psychology, and sociology as part of her tertiary education. She also holds her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Over the years, Di has worked as a Senior Manager, Practice Manager and Business Development Manager, and has held training roles at Enjo (International, US, and Australia) and local training providers. She has been involved in training since 2000, and her areas of training expertise span corporate health, leadership, communication and EQ.

In the past, Di has worked with a number of large client corporations such as BHP, Woodside, NRW, FMG, AGC, and Rio Tinto. She has visited mine sites, experienced camp life, and has lived for a year in a regional centre.

Di enjoys living life to the full and loves learning from others’unique perspectives. She appreciates the value of a good coffee and spends her spare time creating native and edible gardens.

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"Transforming Teams led an amazing day that delivered on so many levels."
David Flanagan, Atlas Iron

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Transforming Teams is a Western Australian training company that was founded in early 2010 by trainer and experiential facilitator, Nicki McKenzie.Having seen the benefits of experiential training first-hand, Nicki was excited by the idea of delivering quality training that utilised both traditional classroom techniques as well as experiential activities to create a more effective learning environment.

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