Culture is the sum total of our behaviors at work, and yet most of us believe it is something that exists and persists external to ourselves. Ultimately, therefore, culture is a result of our choices. Often, though, we are not conscious of the choices we make and the impacts those choices have on the world around us.

A culture that supports your business objectives is fundamental to organisational success. Once you clearly understand what it is your business is trying to achieve, you will be able to determine the culture that best supports your goals. By comparing your ideal culture with your existing culture, we can begin to design a program that best suits you.

Our culture change programs are designed to create an awareness of culture and each individual's contribution to it before embarking on the journey of change.Of course, workplace behavior is also influenced by structures that may be in place in the organisation: incentives, work processes, and even lines of reporting can have a significant effect on your culture, and need to be taken into account in any attempt to change.

Our culture change programs, not only allows participants to increase awareness and practice new behaviors, it also helps to uncover any existing structures that may be encouraging undesirable behaviours at work. By allowing participants to brainstorm solutions that effectively support the new, preferred culture, we can achieve sustainable change based on decisions that are owned by the group.


We offer short and sharp Tune-Up workshops, half-day, full-day or multi-day programs designed to help you revamp your culture.

We're happy to design a program to suit your objectives, or customise one of our pre-designed learning packages. Programs that may be of interest to you include:

Communication and Conflict Prevention Workshop

This one day facilitated program will not just produce better communicators, but people who appreciate and value differences, search for win-win solutions, and know how to get the best out of themselves and others. It is packed with plenty of theory and activities to put new skills and ideas into practice.

Team Development Foundation Course

Building knowledge takes time, changing habits takes even longer. Thismodular, multi-session course is designed to bring about real change in your team. Modules address areas such as self-awareness; communication; working together; planning and goal setting; and values, culture and positivity. Modules reinforce and build on each other and provide time for participants to apply their learnings progressively in the workplace.

Charity Challenge

Some team building days end with a smile that fades in a week: this is a team building day with a difference. Work in cooperative teams on a number of challenges to achieve an extraordinary end result that leaves a lasting impact as well as a lasting smile.

Graduate Program

Reinforce your corporate values and communicate how important your new recruits are with a half or full-day tailored team building program. Tell us the messages you want included, and the learnings you’d like to see, and we will do the rest.

Custom Programs

From 30 minutes to 30 days, let us know your requirements and desired outcomes, and we'll work with you to create a professional program that is as unique as your business. We can help roll out your new safety initiatives, corporate values, customer service expectations and more by dovetailing your content with complementary theories, insights, and enjoyable experiential activities.

And don't forget the part that sharing laughter and an exciting challenge can play in enhancing trust and respect in the workplace. One of our fun days may be exactly what you need to create lasting bonds and boost morale and positivity in the workplace.

See our Programs area on this web site for a more comprehensive list of our packages, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements and allow us to design a program as unique as your business.

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"Transforming Teams led an amazing day that delivered on so many levels."
David Flanagan, Atlas Iron

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