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Your people are the most important resource in your business, getting people to work together in a team is our business.

  • We are dedicated to your objectives
  • All programs are individually designed
  • Our methodology is flexible, effective and brings results
  • Experienced Facilitators
  • Comprehensive range of experiential activities
  • Combine outdoor and indoor training
  • In depth debriefing of activities
  • Provide a safe and encouraging learning environment
  • Offer a unique range of follow up programs
  • At a location and time of your choice
  • It's affordable

How do we transform your staff into the team you want?

  • We work with you to identify the present needs of your business
  • Design appropriate programs to meet your goals
  • Staff are brought together to experience working with a 'one team mentality'
  • Follow up programs are offered to reinforce the learning and new behaviour patterns
  • Team performance is enhanced as a result, bringing greater success to your business

What is an Icebreaker?

Icebreakers and Energisers are a series of fun and lively games that are designed to suit everyone with the purpose to encourage, energise and rejuvenate participants during outdoor and indoor training, staff development workshops, and conferences as required. The games create an even playing field as well as a safe and relaxed atmosphere in preparation for the learning ahead.

What are TEAM Activities?

The core of our program is made up of a menu of activities tailored according to the desired outcomes. For example, a variety of selected activities develop leadership skills while others focus on increasing communication skills, conflict resolution abilities etc.

Through the wide variety of activities offered, teams discover their strengths and limitations, when working under pressure and create an experience of success. TEAM Activities are designed to duplicate behaviour patterns found in the workplace including communication, decision making and team roles. Everyone shares the experience of learning by doing.

What size groups do you work with?

We work with all different size groups and no group is too small.

The size of the group would depend on the program chosen and the objectives you wish to achieve. We prefer a low facilitator: participant ratio to ensure a quality learning environment.

Where are the programs held?

Programs can be delivered in your local area or at a location of your choice. We are more than happy to recommend a variety of indoor and outdoor venues upon your request.

What is the preferred length of a program?

A program could be a few hours or a few days depending on the client.

We recommend the initial program be between four - six hours, to ensure that participants have ample time to achieve your objectives.

We offer follow up programs for example where we can come to your work place for a shorter period of time to follow up participants and reinforce the learning.

What is the cost of a program?

The cost of a program can vary depending on the number of participants, program duration, location, and the program chosen.

In most instances our costs are based on a per person rate unless otherwise advised.

For a Quick Quote contact the office on 0408 249 322.

Training and Development Costs include:

  • Meeting and consultation with client to determine training needs
  • Program design and set up
  • Pre and Post-program administration costs
  • All activities, equipment and instruction
  • All instructors and logistical support staff
  • Team theory and discussion as outlined in the proposal
  • Activity debriefs and facilitation of program outcomes
  • Post program follow up meeting

Can Transforming Teams work in conjunction with our in house trainers, to provide experiential activities, to reinforce company training?

Absolutely, we thrive to meet our clients requirements and if company policy is to use in house trainers then we work in conjunction with them to ensure the activities and debriefs are in line with their training topics.

Do you organise fun programs such as an Amazing Race?

Yes, Amazing Races, Movie Making and many more.

If you have any questions at all please contact our experienced facilitators on 0408 249 322 or email us at

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"Transforming Teams led an amazing day that delivered on so many levels."
David Flanagan, Atlas Iron

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Transforming Teams is a Western Australian training company that was founded in early 2010 by trainer and experiential facilitator, Nicki McKenzie.Having seen the benefits of experiential training first-hand, Nicki was excited by the idea of delivering quality training that utilised both traditional classroom techniques as well as experiential activities to create a more effective learning environment.

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