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We like what we do.

We really like what we do. We’re passionate. So it stands to reason that we enjoy working with our clients just as much as they enjoy working with us. Here is what some of them have to say about us.

Nicki and Nadja effectively engaged our team from the start of the event and most importantly, were skilled at facilitating the de-brief of activities to ensure that learning and reflection was an integral part of the event and that it was more than just a fun afternoon out. Given our team works in Organisational Development we probably had quite high expectations! I am very happy to say these were fully satisfied and we would recommend Transforming Teams to others.

Kathy Peacock
Organisational Development Manager
CBH Group

I found Transforming Teams to be incredibly efficient and equally as motivated. They maintained an air of flexibility, which I found reassuring. I understood that they were the best people for this task of motivating others to think creatively and positively!

Nazli Gwynn
Murdoch University

Thoroughly enjoyable and fantastically run, Transforming Teams are a necessity for every workplace regardless of size or mission.

Jim Power, Telemarketer
MS Society of WA

The best team building program we have been involved in! Transforming Teams got the whole group engaged and created a learning environment that everyone could benefit from. The program incorporated fun, thought provoking interactive exercises to help us understand ourselves and work more effectively with others.

Chris & Karen Walsh, State Franchisors
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Transforming Teams led an amazing day that delivered on so many levels. Our staff were blown away by the rewards they received in giving and the people who received were truly happy. We had a great time, were all safe and it made Atlas an even better place to work. It was good to get some recognition in the community as well.

David Flanagan, Managing Director
Atlas Iron Limited

I didn’t realize that gaining new knowledge and skills could be so much fun!

DariaOjrzanowska, Physiotherapist
MS Society

Nicki at Transforming Teams has been incredible to work with. Over the last three years she has invented and facilitated brilliant Team Development Days (TDD) on our behalf. Each year they seem to have been better than the previous year, which at the end of each day we wonder how she’ll top it the following year. Our team looks forward to the next TDD and those who are new to Atlas look forward with excitement to what challenge is in store for them after the rave reviews from veteran TDD participants. The camaraderie that these days foster is simply fantastic. Thank you.

David Flanagan, Managing Director
Atlas Iron Limited

"Transforming Teams was fantastic on our Team Building Day. They were flexible, informative and helpful and hosted the day perfectly. Not only was the day fun, but the exercises were totally geared to our individual needs. I would highly recommend Transforming Teams to any leader who wants to instil that ‘teamwork’ ethic in their office."

Susie Chapman, Customer Service Manager
Department of Transport, Albany

"A day with Transforming Teams paid off in more ways than one. The activities were deceptively straight forward, easy to understand but cleverly challenging. I learned a lot about myself and the dynamics of the team. The lessons have paid off tenfold in my life and my business. I would recommend Transforming Teams without hesitation, but beware, you might gain more than you expected!"

Simon Eder, Web Consultant / Trainer
Oolybooly Website Design and Training

Thank you Transforming Teams for a most enjoyable team development exercise. You showed us how to put our minds together, how to understand the different ways each of us think, behave etc with the same goal in mind, and how we can utilise this new information to work for us in our own businesses. An enjoyable morning Thank You!

Linda Harris, Franchisee
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The program was very well designed and fun! Just what we needed as a team! Overall, one of the best team building programs I have been involved in. The no non-sense friendly facilitator engages everyone in a non-threatening way and creates an environment that encourages the team to work together and get some benefit out of the workshop. But most of all, it remains a fun experience that everyone can benefit from in their day to day life.

Jean-Pierre Gorce, Franchisee
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The activities were well organised and spaced out and gave everyone equal opportunity to participate. The facilitators led with confidence which spread through the group.

Agatha Champion, Team Leader – Telemarketing
MS Society

Fun, thought provoking interactive exercises to help participants understand both themselves and their clients.

Robyn Boothe, Franchisee
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"The Transforming Teams helped us strengthen the management team with really good exercises."

Andreas Nordbrandt, Business Line Manager
Atlas Copco

What a fun and informative day we had with Transforming Teams. A couple of our objectives going in to the team building day was to get to know each other better and to have fun. These objectives were certainly met. We also learnt how different we all are and how each person likes to receive information. We pretty well laughed the whole day whilst learning.

ValmaMcCrory, Customer Service Manager
Department of Transport Midwest

This workshop left me wanting more so as to reinforce old and new concepts.

Robin Fahl, Manager
Amcal Carnarvon

I have had the opportunity to work with Nicki on three different occasions and each time the participants loved the fact that they were learning about group dynamics in a different way. The activities also made people realise that your weaknesses may be other people’s strengths and that it is OK to ask for help. I hope that they all remember the fantastic feeling they had when they achieved a goal and that they can carry this forward to the workplace.

Michele Bond, Care Coordination Program Coordinator
Western Australian General Practice Network

Thank you for a fun and educational morning. We were impressed by your professionalism and the quality of the activities provided. The activities were well organised, supportive and enjoyable for all members of our team.

Ann Mackey

Nicki McKenzie brings passion, enthusiasm and knowledge to her facilitation - above all else she brings experience. When Nicki works you get seamless presentation which is underpinned by detailed planning and research and comprehensive review and critical reflection on process and outcomes. This provides the feedback for continuous quality improvement in the work Nicki does. Nicki has been a great collaborator with the Curtin Graduate School of Business staff in delivering executive education programs for team building and leadership development. She keeps the energy of participants high, motivates co-facilitators and gets great results.

Janet Sutherland MLM, Director, Master of Business Leadership
Graduate School of Business, Curtin University of Technology

Nicki has been involved in delivering programs to workplace teams and executive groups for several years. Using a team teaching approach Nicki has worked with me in experiential programs designed to develop leadership among groups coming from diverse cultural backgrounds. An integrated learning approach based on adult learning models provides a rich environment for all to contribute to the learning situation. Programs are challenging, fun and immensely rewarding for those involved. Her spontaneity and endless energy along with a pragmatic 'can do' approach assures a seamless delivery of programs. Working with Nicki is always a valuable experience and a delight.

Dr Margaret McCabe, Director Executive Education
Graduate School of Business, Curtin University of Technology

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"Transforming Teams led an amazing day that delivered on so many levels."
David Flanagan, Atlas Iron

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Transforming Teams is a Western Australian training company that was founded in early 2010 by trainer and experiential facilitator, Nicki McKenzie.Having seen the benefits of experiential training first-hand, Nicki was excited by the idea of delivering quality training that utilised both traditional classroom techniques as well as experiential activities to create a more effective learning environment.

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