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Every Transforming teams program is customised to suit your specific delivery and learning requirements.

Unlike many other training companies, we combine theories, case studies, and your own past experiences and knowledge with just the right amount of experiential content. Each activity is hand-picked to help highlight a new learning, and debrief time dovetails activities seamlessly with more traditional classroom-based discussion and learning. We also cater for all types of learners – visual, audio, and kinaesthetic, and provide workbooks for those that love to take the time to reflect on topics outside of the classroom.

The key in achieving great learning results is in getting the mix just right.

Learning Pyramid
Figure 1 - Learning Pyramid, National Training Laboratories, USA.

By combining a range of passive and active learning styles that complement and reinforce each other, our programs provide a stimulating, enjoyable, yet profound and lasting learning experience.

Lasting Change

Whilst other training companies deliver their program and walk away, we don’t believe that training ends with the program – every learning program participant takes away an action checklist to enable learnings to become new habits, and for their benefits to be transferred directly to the workplace.

We can even follow up your training program with refresher sessions that address identified areas for improvement. Follow-up sessions can vary from multi or full day programs to 30 minute energisers that can be conducted during conferences or meetings to help fine-tune and focus your team.

Fun Programs

Of course, we've been in the industry long enough to know the value of just having a fun day of shared experiences. We understand that unity and passion develop from tackling and conquering challenges together. Even our more light-hearted programs leave the team not only with practical learning outcomes, but with stronger relationships that act as a foundation for improved communication and a more positive attitude in the workplace.

Program Timeframes

Our programs range from one hour boosters to multi-day courses and anything in between.

Our approach is simple - if we don’t think a program can be effectively delivered in an hour, we don't recommend to.Suggested timeframes for our predesigned programs are given in our online program descriptions, however if you are constrained by time or finances, talk to us about our clever program design ideas that will help you achieve the most from your budget. We will always be honest about the effectiveness of our programs and realistic about your constraints.

Group Sizes

From 4 to 400 participants, we have the professional staff available to provide an ideal instructor-to-participant ratio and make your day a success.

Your ideal group size will be determined by the style of program you choose, your budget and your program objectives.


Learning programs can be conducted indoors or outdoors – at your place of work, or at a specialised function centre.

Of course, we've delivered programs in all manner of places and although some venues are better suited for programs, we can work around whatever restrictions may be in place. If you already have a location in mind, contact us to see how we can best utilise it to deliver a quality outcome.

Indoor or Outdoor?

We find that a mixture of the two works very well. Using shady outdoor locations for activities helps break up the day, and re-energises participants after classroom sessions. A little time in nature also helps to create a relaxed, open atmosphere that facilitates learning.

Many function centres have an outdoor space that works well. If you don't already have a location in mind, let us know and we will help you find a suitable location within your budget.

What We Teach

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Communication
  • Cooperation and breaking down silo mentality
  • Conflict prevention and conflict management
  • Mentoring and Mediation skills
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Values, positivity and corporate culture
  • Self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Relationship-building and people skills
  • Leadership and Followership
  • Team development – improving how teams work together
  • Community Engagement
  • Facilitating planning sessions

Choose from a number of established programs across a range of areas, or allow us to tailor custom programs to meet your organisation's specific needs. By letting us know your organisation’s values and standards, we can ensure that these are reinforced as we deliver our training.

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"Transforming Teams led an amazing day that delivered on so many levels."
David Flanagan, Atlas Iron

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Transforming Teams is a Western Australian training company that was founded in early 2010 by trainer and experiential facilitator, Nicki McKenzie.Having seen the benefits of experiential training first-hand, Nicki was excited by the idea of delivering quality training that utilised both traditional classroom techniques as well as experiential activities to create a more effective learning environment.

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